On 8th February 1934,the division of the Salesian Province of India brought into being the Province of South India, (late known a Madras Province), with headquarters at Vellore. The province then comprised the sate of Maharashtra express, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, along with Sri Lanka. Thought judicially a new entity, it was not a new beginning altogether, for Salesians were present in this part of the country from 1906 when the missionaries from abroad arrived and set up the first Salesians foundation in India at Tanjore.

The new Province started of with great enthusiasm and optimism, with Fr. Eligio Cianto as provincial. The province had 49 professed members, four canonically erected houses (Tradeo in Bombay, St. Mary’s in Madras. Don Bosco in Vellore and the Salesian House in Tirupattur)

And eleven other presences. A novitiate was started in 1934 itself at Tirupattur with 10 novices (six Europeans and 4 Indians) who made their profession on 29 January 1935. In 1937 the provincial House was shifted from Vellore to Madras(St. Mary’s Cathedral) and some months later, to the Refuge on Broad way.

As the number of missionaries from abroad started dwindling during World War II, Fr. Jose Carreno, that great visionary with eyes always on the future, opened in 1943 a house for aspirants in Tirupattur. Over the years it became a flourishing nursery of vocations, preparing the mean who would soon be needed for the ever-expanding province of South India.

As we look back at past 75 platinum years, we raise our hearts in gratitude to god the giver of all gifts and to Mary the Madonna of Don Bosco who accompanied us as Mother and Teacher. We remember with gratitude the many benefactors who with their small and big offerings supported our works….We remember and cherish the memory of our pioneers – Tomatis, Mederlet, Mathis, Carreno and the silent heroes who toiled behind the scenes….Their indomitable faith and daring optimism in the face of difficulties fascinate us. Their quiet courage and lively enthusiasm amidst the ups and downs of everyday life stimulate us. Their passion for God and compassion for the poor inspire us. Without doubt, we feel called to follow the trail blazed by them. Their footprints beckon us to newer frontiers, with the same vigour and sense of dedication they displayed. Because of them a rich Salesian tradition animates our history today. Their lives signpost the path we should follow.

In 1978, Fr. C.A. Bout took over as the Administrator, and Rev.Fr.V.V. George, sdb, assumed charge as Principal and Head master. The year also marked 50 years of fruitful service put in by the Salesians of Don Bosco, and it was in the same year that the P.T.S.A. was started. In 1979, Rev. Fr.V.V George introduced the Higher Secondary Course (+2) in the school. In 1985, Rev Fr. P.J.Sabestian, sdb, assumed charge as Principal and Headmaster. The same year the Archchibishop of Madras-Mylapore handed over to the Salesians of Don Bosco, the school and Co-Cathedral in perpetuity. In 1986, Fr K.C. Francis, sdb, was appointed Principal of the school and Mr. D. Paul raj, the Headmaster. Mr. D. Paul raj retired from service in 1987. Rev Fr. Raphael John, sdb was appointed Principal and Headmaster of the school in 1991. In 1996, Rev. Fr. Joseph Fernandez, sdb was appointed Headmaster of the school. Under his initiative, a new computer lab was established; the school library was shifted to the new block and remodeled to modern standard and a state-of-art audio visual hall was set up. The present Principal, Rev Fr.K.J. Antony, sdb, has taken over the Headmastership from June, 2002. Today, St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s have a total strength of 1600 students and 60 staff members. Together with the Management, they combine a complementary work force with a vibrant work culture. The school continues to forge ahead from strength, keeping the Flag of St. Mary’s flying ever higher and higher.

We remember with deep gratitude all the past presidents for their dedication and hard work in making the Alumni Association what it is today.

  • Mr. Callanhan
  • Mr. Sigimporia
  • Mr. C.F. Dwier
  • Mr. J.A.D’Souza
  • Mr. T. Harikrishna
  • Mr. V.S. Shankar
  • Mr. D.V. Johnstone
  • Mr. C.A. Vasudevan
  • Mr. Carlton Lazara
  • Mr. T.A. Passagne