• Mr. Callanhan
  • Mr. Sigimporia
  • Mr. C.F. Dwier
  • Mr. J.A.D’Souza
  • Mr. T. Harikrishna
  • Mr. V.S. Shankar
  • Mr. D.V. Johnstone
  • Mr. C.A. Vasudevan
  • Mr. Carlton Lazara
  • Mr. T.A. Passagne
  • Mr. John Paul Ambrose
  • Mr. Boscorodrigo

(To Rev. Fr. George Patrick Whyte, S.D.B., On the occasion of his Silver Jubilee)

Dear Rev. Father Whyte,
It is with hearts filled with pride and joy, that we, the Members of the Alumni Association of St. Mary’s high school, sincerely offer you our heartiest congratulations on this jubilant occasion of your unique Silver Jubilee-twenty-five-years in the service of the Lord and twenty-five years at the helm of affairs of our “Alma Mater”. This honour is indeed most befitting to a Priest and Principal of Your calibre, for your service in this dual role has been really exceptional and unparalleled in the history of our country.

The Alumni Association has been very fortunate to have had the benefit of your guidance from the day it was founded, with the blessings of our beloved late Arch bishop, Dr. Louis Mathias, on7th September,1952. We are very grateful that you have been the main link between our Association and the School. We have had the privilege to work with the School for the welfare of the boys, both present and past, and this relationship we always cherish.

In the spite of your multifarious activities and limited time, you have always been ready to spare some time for the affairs of our Association. Every function of ours, whether solemn or festive, was always adorned with your general personality. Your interest and personal care for the who pass out of the portals of St. Mary’s has become proverbial. You must be very proud indeed, that many of your past pupils have become priests, serving Christ, and many more have distinguished themselves in all walks of life in our country and also abroad.

The Alumni Association is proud of you and we sincerely pray that God may grant you health, strength and courage to continue the good work you have been doing for the past quarter century, as Priest and Principal.
May God bless you !
We offer you this purse of Rs. 15,000 as a token of our love and affection for you.

We remain,
Yours respectfully,
The Alumni Association of St. Mary’s High School.